Can I use the Tube for all VOLCANOs?

The VOLCANO HYBRID Tube is not intended for use with the previous VOLCANO CLASSIC and VOLCANO DIGIT models.

This is because the tube inhalation method does not require the air pump to be switched on. The heating process and the air management of the VOLCANO HYBRID have been optimized to ensure that ingredients are vaporized during the first inhalation processes, even without an air pump.

The VOLCANO HYBRID works with a patented combination of hot air convection heating and additional heat conduction. This means that the air is heated by the implemented heating block, as well as by the heated Filling Chamber, which is directly connected to the heating block.

In addition, the VOLCANO HYBRID has a modified Filling Chamber, which is screwed onto the device. This ensures a stable and smooth 360° rotation of the Tube. The VOLCANO HYBRID Filling Chamber is not compatible with the predecessor models due to its changed composition.

Technically, the VOLCANO HYBRID Tube can be mounted on the EASY VALVE Filling Chamber, but since neither the VOLCANO CLASSIC nor the VOLCANO DIGIT is equipped with the additional heat conduction that warms up the Filling Chamber (as well as that the use of the air pump with the Tube is not intended) the envisioned performance cannot be fully achieved.

The EASY VALVE Filling Chamber is also not designed for use with the Tube, as it cannot be screwed onto the device and therefore cannot be securely attached to the device.

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