Why is the VOLCANO HYBRID Filling Chamber not compatible with the VOLCANO DIGIT or the VOLCANO CLASSIC?

The VOLCANO HYBRID features some technical changes to ensure an optimal inhalation experience through the tube, which is why the tube attachment is not compatible with the VOLCANO DIGIT / CLASSIC. The tube can be operated without switching on the air pump – so you can inhale directly and silently from the source.

Enabling this feature required a change in air management. In order to ensure that inhalation takes place with every draw, we implemented our patented combination of convection and conduction heating (which is also used in the PLENTY, the CRAFTY and the MIGHTY).

This evolution of the VOLCANO HYBRID means that the Filling Chamber is now preheated.

Furthermore, the new filling chamber screws onto the device to enable 360 degree rotation of the tube.


What is the difference between the single devices?

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