My VOLCANO HYBRID does not produce any vapor.

The amount of vapor released by the device can be influenced by the following factors:
  • Quality: The concentration of vaporizable ingredients in the plant material.
  • Quantity: The amount of plant material in the filling chamber.
  • Surface: The finer the plant is ground, the greater the surface area and the more aromas and fragrances can be released during the vaporization process (not powdery!).
  • Temperature: The higher the temperature, the more aromas and fragrances will be released at once.
  • Lung force: The more air you draw through with each inhalation, the more vapor is released.
Always fill the Filling Chamber completely with ground plant material. In order that the airflow is not unnecessarily impeded, do not compress the plant material too much. Remove any excess plant material left around the filling chamber so that it is clean and allows the Cooling Unit to be fitted. If the Filling Chamber is only partially filled, then the vaporization material may shift around; the hot air then bypasses the vaporization material, so that no vaporization can occur. If the Filling Chamber is not to be filled completely, and you are using only small quantities, we recommend using the Dosing Capsule Adapter.
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