Packaging instructions for RMA/paid repairs

Please send us:

Only your malfunctioning device (hot air generator) WITHOUT any accessories.

If you are sending in a portable device, don't send the Cooling Unit or any spare parts.

If you are sending in a desktop device, don't send the Filling Chamber, Balloons, Tubes, Power Cord or any spare parts.

We have to dispose these components for hygienic reasons, without you being entitled to replacement of these components or claim for value replacement.

Please package the device well, ideally in the original box and styrofoam.


Customers who declared a warranty case, please include as well a copy of the invoice or a proof of purchase.


International Customers:

Please indicate it as a "Temporary return for repair service". In order to avoid customs fees, please check with your local customs office before shipping. You will be notified as soon as your device has been received.


Shipping charges are depending on the destination country. Find out more in our repair conditions.

Where can I find the detailed repair conditions?

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