How do I initiate an RMA? And why do I need to do it?

In order to start a warranty claim for one of your S&B devices, please follow the steps below and initiate an RMA. RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization and is the first part of the process of returning a product to a business to receive a refund, replacement or repair.

For MEDIC devices please visit and register there.

Detailed instructions

  1. Choose your Country 

  2. Log in to your customer account
    1. If you have not already set up a customer account, please follow the subsequent instructions on how to register as a new customer: Instructions new customer account
  3. Go to the section “My Devices” within your Customer AccountMy_Devices.jpg
  4. Choose the device for your RMA & select "Initiate RMA".
    1. Initiate_RMA.jpg
    2. If you have not already registered your device, please follow these instructions about device registration: How can I register my device? 

  5. Fill in RMA & Select "START RMA".


  6. RMA has now been initiated. You will receive a confirmation email from the service department. This can take up to 72 hours.

  7. The RMA state can be checked in the customer account under "My Returns".
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