I can not connect my CRAFTY(+) to the STORZ & BICKEL App.

  • First of all please reset the CRAFTY(+) by pressing the button for 10 seconds.
  • Then please try the following steps to establish a connection:
    • Switch off CRAFTY(+) for 5 minutes or more.
    • Switch off Wi-Fi on your smartphone.
    • Switch off Bluetooth® on your smartphone.
    • Switch off smartphone and restart.
    • Switch on Bluetooth® with Wi-Fi still switched off.
    • Open the S&B App, switch on CRAFTY(+) to connect. Please assure that no other Bluetooth® device is connected to your smartphone. If the serial number of your CRAFTY(+) consists of letters and numbers, please try typing the big letter O instead of the number 0 and the other way around.

If there are still issues or any further questions, please initiate an RMA by registering your device for repair with us and let us know what type of smartphone or operating system you are using.

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