How to disassemble the Cooling Unit and clean the VENTY



1. Pull the Mouthpiece out of the Cooling Unit Cap while slightly tilting it back and forth. Pull off the Mouthpiece Seal Ring using the recess.


2. Put the edge of the Mouthpiece into the notch of the Rotary Cap and turn it counterclockwise to open and pull out. Pull off the Seal Ring from the Rotary Cap using the recess.


3. Pull the Cooling Unit Cap off the Vaporizer.

4. Pull out the Screen inside the Cooling Unit. screen
5. Use the Filling Chamber Tool to press the Setting Wheel out of the Cooling Unit. Filling
6. Unscrew the Cooling Unit Base from the Vaporizer by turning it 90° counterclockwise. unscrew VENTY.PNG
7. Lever out the large Base Seal Ring with Filling Chamber Tool at the recess in the groove. Seal Ring VENTY.PNG
8. Carefully press out the Screen from above using a cotton swab. Q-Vap-KEB-mit-Q-Tips-reinigen.png
9. Place all parts of the Cooling Unit in warm rinsing water. Alternative: Soak all parts of the Cooling Unit in isopropyl alcohol for a maximum of 1/2 hour. Rinse all parts under running water for at least one minute. Let all parts dry completely. Q-Vap-KE-reinigen.png



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