How does the repair service work? How do I buy a paid repair?

You buy a paid repair in your customer account and return your defective device to STORZ & BICKEL for repair.

Detailed instructions
  1. Select your country
  2. Log in to your customer account or register as a new customer.
    1. If you have not already set up a customer account, please follow the subsequent instructions on how to register as a new customer: Instructions new customer account
  3. Go to the section “My Devices” within your Customer AccountMy_Devices.jpg
  4. Choose the defective device and select "Buy Repair". buy_repair_desktop.jpg 
    1. Warranty:
      1. If the warranty of the device is still valid, an RMA can be initiated within your customer account.
      2. If the warranty has expired or if the warranty has been breached, a repair can be purchased.
    2. If you have not already registered your device, please follow these instructions about device registration: How can I register my device? 
    3. Attention: In some cases the "Buy Repair" Button can be found in a different location.
      1. View_Return.jpg 
        1. Buy_Repair.jpg
  5. Choose the repair case which fits best to the defect of your device.Select_fitting_repair.jpg
    1. If you are unsure which repair case is right for your device, you can check the descriptions of the repair cases or contact our customer service.
  6. Choose the serial number you want to buy a repair for and select "ADD TO CART".Add_to_Cart_Repair.jpg
  7. Follow the instructions of the check-out process.
  8. Return your defective device.
    1. Please follow the packaging notes in your RMA confirmation e-mail when sending us your device.
  9. The RMA state can be checked in the customer account under "My Returns".

The general terms and conditions of STORZ & BICKEL GmbH for repairs can be found here.



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