What influences the amount of aromas and fragrances released into the vapor?

The amount of aromas and fragrances released into the vapor can be influenced by the following factors:

  • Quality: The concentration of vaporizable ingredients in the plant material.
  • Quantity: The amount of plant material in the Filling Chamber.
  • Surface: The finer the plant is ground, the greater the surface area and the more aromas and fragrances can be released during the vaporization process (not powdery!).
  • Temperature: The higher the temperature, the more aromas and fragrances will be released at once.
  • Lung force (applicable to VOLCANO HYBRID with Tube System, PLENTY and portable Vaporizers): The more air you draw through with each inhalation, the more vapor is released.

Due to the precise temperature control of our devices, there is no combustion which makes it possible to re-use one Filling Chamber load multiple times until all aromas and fragrances are completely dissolved.


How is the vapor created?

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