What are the differences between EASY VALVE and SOLID VALVE?

The EASY VALVE is definitely the better choice in regards to handling and cleaning. The Filling Chamber has a better design (a bigger diameter, so more air goes through), and fewer metal parts causing condensation result in less cleaning.
Our customers' preferences and requirements were taken into consideration when developing the EASY VALVE. The EASY VALVE is characterised by very easy handling and minimal maintenance. With both VALVE systems you can easily replace the Balloon.
One clear advantage of the EASY VALVE is less condensation due to less metal inside the valve. For hygienic reasons, we recommend replacing the Balloon every two weeks .
On both sets of VALVEs, the large balloon allows you to maintain an excellent visual check on the build-up of vapor. All parts that direct the air and vapor through the EASY VALVE are heat-resistant and food-safe.
  • Maintenance-free Valve Balloon
  • Light and robust
  • Easy to use
  • Optimum Filling Chamber diameter
  • Cost-effective Valve Balloon including mouthpiece enables personal use
The SOLID VALVE needs more maintenance. It has a click-to-fit coupling that can be opened and closed with one hand. The Balloons also need to be changed every two weeks.
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