It takes a long time to fully inflate the balloon. What can I do?

We recommend checking the following before sending in the unit:

  1. Check the Umbrella Valve: the cap next to/underneath the Air Filter is an Umbrella Valve. The purpose is to release air in case of overpressure in the balloon. If the VOLCANO balloon on top is completely filled, it opens and releases air to minimize vapor leaking out of the Filling Chamber. If the Umbrella Valve is not firmly in place, the balloon may not fill properly.umbrella_valve_missing_1__002_.JPG
  2. Check the Air Filter: At the bottom of the Hot Air Generator is an Air Filter. This Air Filter should be inspected every four weeks to check whether or not it is dirty. Do this by pulling out the Air Filter cover counter and removing the Air Filter. You can order Air Filters directly from STORZ & BICKEL at
  3. Check that all valve parts are clean and assembled correctly. More information is available in Instructions for Use (www.storz–

If these steps do not resolve the problem, please register your device and initiate an RMA.

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